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   Internship / summer camp / doctoc & postdoc scholarships

Application Contact info: losangeles@mail.moe.gov.tw



   Internship Scholarships

TEEP (Taiwan Experience Education Program)

Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)
Internship + Chinese
University+ companies/industries+ local /international students

NSYSU-International Consulting Program


STUST-International Village Summer Camp and Global internship in English Teaching
STUST TEEP-Independent study intership
No application deadline: two months ahead
Contact info: teep.iics@gmail.com
Scholarships: monthly NTD 10,000 up to 4 months
Winter camp 1 months for fee-paid program, 2-4 months ones
Students pay for their own accommodation and meals
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Global network: interaction with scholars and professionals
Weekly seminars/courses on issues directly related to the filed such as gender studies, Asian film studies, social movement etc.



Summer Camp

Purpose: To encourage overseas college students? or school students to study Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture in Taiwan.

Tour Duration: A maximum of 4 weeks (students)


NTD 3,000( around US$100) per student per week.

2017 program: CSUSB at NTNU, CSULB at MCU,Chapman at FU,CSULA at NTCU(Education)

Programs feature:

(1)traditional characters, understanding of Chinese on Chinese art and history,

including Peking Opera, calligraphy,painting, tea ceremony, classical music?appreciation, Chinese cuisine, or martial arts, field trips.

(2) One month tuition fee: USD 1,450X2,200


      Summer  Camp scholarship for Teachers

Fee: USD 300
Dates: June 12-24
Professional courses + cultural trips
Deadline: 2/24
Wen Zao University
Fee:USD 300
Dates: July 10-24
Deadline: March 31


       Doctoral and Postdoc scholarships

Purpose: For individuals holding a doctoral degree or currently pursuing their doctoral degree studies or research,
they can have better understanding of Taiwan culture and society and help promote bilateral academic exchange in the future.
Duration :2 -6months.

    Host Family Program

Host families are responsible for providing their international students with shelter, food and friendship.

Less than one month